Maintain discipline in Police ; HRCSL tells IGP



The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) has urged the Police Chief to take the necessary steps to maintain discipline in Sri Lanka Police to uphold the rule of law and maintain peace.
The HRCSL said it is conducting a suo-moto investigation on the recent incident where a male police officer had shoved two female police officers and a female, while ordering to stop the peaceful march unlawfully and arrest the participants.
The IGP was directed to submit to the HRCSL via an affidavit, the reason for restricting the march and on whose commands / orders the police stopped the march, who carried out those command / order, and the action initiated by the police against the officers responsible.
The HRCSL stressed that the inappropriate conduct of the police, as seen in the recent past, has already destroyed the confidence of the people and is rapidly destroying the country’s good image internationally.


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