Man arrested for defrauding money on promise to send people to France



Seven people who tried to go to France through Azerbaijan and an owner of an employment agency in Kahathuduwa who spearheaded the smuggling were arrested, the Kahathuduwa Police said.

According to the police, this smuggling was uncovered during an investigation carried out based on a complaint made by a person from Wellawatte.

He has told the police that when he went to the airport based on a notice given by the owner of the employment agency at Pragathi Mawatha in Kahathuduwa, the airport officials turned him away saying that he did not have a visa in his name.

He had given Rs.800,000 to the agent.

It was further said in the complaint that although 6 other people went to the airport with him, they were also unable to go abroad.

Source: Lankadeepa


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