Manna Ramesh’s ‘Boocha’ & Uru Juwa’s ‘Kudella’ arrested with drugs



A suspect named ‘Boocha’, an accomplice of underworld leader Manna Ramesh was arrested with a sword, five grams and 280 milligrams of heroin and Rs.220,680 in cash, the Police Special Task Force (STF) said.

The STF said the suspect has forcibly sold illegal cigarettes to the employees of the Avissawella-Seethawaka Export Processing Zone.

The suspect was arrested by the STF in September 2020 as well while in possession of a micro pistol.

According to the information received by the officers of the Pugoda STF Camp, the raid was carried out on the Awissawella-Kudagama Road in Awissawella the day before yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Hanwella Police said that an accomplice of organized crime gang leader Uru juwa was arrested in Diddeniya, Hanwella while he was involved in drug trafficking using the Easy Cash method.

The 27-year-old suspect known as ‘Kudella’ was arrested while staying at a rented out house in Diddeniya. 

About 10 grams of ‘ice’ drug, SIM cards, a mobile phone, a small scale, nine bank cards and a sharp weapon were found in the possession of the suspect.


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