Microorganisms will not be used to clean Beira Lake: Ashu



No external micro-organisms would be introduced to clean the Beira Lake and a technology called ‘Nano-bubbles’ will be used instead, Singapore based Groepo Pte.Ltd’s local subsidiary Groepo Lanka Bioscience (Pvt) Ltd said.

Its Chairman and President’s Advisor on Parliamentary Affairs Professor Ashu Marasinghe said this in response to media reports.

Several media reports said that the Central Environmental Authority and other environmental agencies have not given approval to clean the lake by using microorganisms.

“These reports are false. A new technology called ‘Nano-bubbles’ will be used to clean the lake. Oxygen gas will be inserted into the water to purify it. There will be no introduction of external micro-organisms into the lake. This project is a government approved project,” he said.

The project to be carried out with aid received from Japan has been named as “Beira Beregamu” (Let’s Save Beira).


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