Monaragala SSP arrested with cannabis!



Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) in charge of Monaragala Sisira Kumara Herath was arrested by a team of Special Task Force (STF) officers last night (8) along with 15 kgs of cannabis and treasure hunting equipment.

The STF officers, acting on a tip-off that a treasure-hunting racket had been operating in the Monaragala area for the past few days, had been on the lookout for suspects.

Accordingly, when the STF officers were attempting to inspect a suspicious jeep, the SSP and a woman inside the vehicle had objected to searching their vehicle.

Subsequently, during the inspection of the SSP’s quarters, 15 kilos of cannabis and treasure hunting equipment were found concealed in the ceiling.

Meanwhile, six youths from Moratuwa hired by the SSP to treasure hunt were also found staying at the SSP’s residence.

Following the questioning, a scanner which is being used to locate treasures had also been found.

SSP Sisira Kumara Herath in charge of Monaragala division is said to be a close friend of Shasheendra Rajapaksa.

This police officer has also been named as an accused in Easter Sunday attacks of 2019 and he also represented the police group that was concerned of the investigation and visited the Mahanayake Theras seeking their intervention.


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