More petals fall from the Lotus bud : Govt. could topple on Nov. 08?



Another group of MPs from the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) are said to be preparing to break away from the party and re-organize themselves as a separate group.

According to political sources, several ministers and state ministers are at the centre of this initiative.

It is said that a group of SLPP MPs without positions have expressed their assent to join them.

It is said that this group has come together with the intention of forming an alliance with the UNP as a separate group at the next election, rather than joining the UNP directly.

At the present, two breakaway factions from the SLPP, led by Anura Priyadarshana Yapa and Dallas Alahapperuma are functioning as separate groups.

Risk of Budget vote being defeated?

Meanwhile, Anuradhapura District MP – Prof. Channa Jayasumana also said that there is a serious risk of the government being toppled if the Budget vote is defeated on December 08th.

Speaking at a media briefing yesterday (29), he said that it is highly possible that the MPs who were absent at the 21A vote, might do the same at the Budget vote. This would create a situation forcing the government to dissolve, he added.

These MPs are currently occupied in ensuring governor positions for their family members and friends, he further said.

Noting that the government currently commands a majority of only 08 – 12 MPs, he pointed out that the Budget vote will definitely be defeated if several MPs in their ranks refrain from voting.

In the meantime, if the Budget proposes relief to only certain sectors while completely forgetting sectors who got the worst hit economy-wise, such as farmers as well as state and private sector employees, we will not back it, he has further said.


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