Munchee & Singer sponsor profanity-laced online content (Video)



In a backdrop where the government is trying to bring an Act to regulate social media including YouTube and Facebook, certain elements’ usage of social media for purely commercial purposes is actually pushing towards the introduction of such measures, Professional Web Journalists’ Association (PWJA) President Freddy Gamage said. 

He expressed these views following an inquiry made by ‘Sri Lanka Mirror’ over allegations that there is an increase in profane content on social media platforms.

Further commenting on the issue, Mr. Gamage said that his Association foresaw that this situation would arise. 

“Accordingly, we prepared a code of ethics for those who are engaged in online news and presented it to the highest authorities in the country back then,” he said.

Mr. Gamage added that a video released by one Sathish Nadesan through the YouTube channel ‘Colombo Comedy Central’ under the title ‘Tiger’ has come under heavy criticism over his use of language.

He further noted that leading local companies such as CBL (Munchee) and Singer should be ashamed for trying to get publicity through this questionable video.

The video is shown below : 

Meanwhile, it was recently said during a meeting with newspaper editors and electronic media news directors at the Presidential Secretariat that the President is considering the idea of introducing an Act similar to the Telecommunications and Social Media Act of Singapore.


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