National Anthem sung at LPL not according to melody : Committee report



The melody of the National Anthem, which was sung by popular singer Umara Sinhawansa, was not according to the melody described in the Constitution, the investigation team of the Public Administration and Local Government Ministry said.

The report was handed over to the Public Administration Ministry secretary last Friday (18).

Singer Umara Sinhawansa mispronounced a key lyric while performing the National Anthem at the 2023 LPL opening ceremony, and a video was circulated on social media regarding the incident.

The melody of the national anthem is described in the Constitution as singing in the medium tone, but Umara had sung the anthem in high pitch. While singing the national anthem in a high pitch, the key lyric of the anthem was also distorted.

Therefore, the investigation team was advised by the secretary to consult the Attorney General and take further action.

The team advised adding a regulation to the National Anthem as soon as possible when using it in a national event. It was also requested to mention the actions to be taken if the regulations were violated.

“We have certain regulations for the use of the national flag, but we do not have such regulations for the use of the national anthem.

“We also requested the secretary to issue a circular to all sports clubs and associations that organize international events to sing the national anthem in the medium tone and the proper lyrics until the regulation is issued,” the team said.



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