Navy rescues 38 persons stranded on grounded trawler in Delft



In a dramatic rescue operation, the Sri Lanka Navy successfully rescued 38 individuals who were stranded on a grounded trawler at the entrance of Delft Jetty this morning (27th June 2023). As a result of the Navy’s prompt involvement, a shipment of construction materials that were at risk of sinking, was also successfully retrieved.

The distressed trawler (Kali Ambal 2) was transporting a shipment of construction materials with 38 persons on board from the Kurikadduwan Jetty at Punguduthivu Island, Jaffna to the Delft Island this morning. Due to the low tide, the trawler ran aground at the entrance of the Delft Jetty, causing distress among those on board as the vessel started to fill with seawater through openings. Following the unfortunate turn of events, the distress call was disseminated to SLNS Wasabha in the Northern Naval Command for assistance.

Responding promptly to the situation, Inshore Patrol Craft and small craft belonging to SLNS Wasabha were rushed to the scene to rescue the distressed persons aboard.

The timely intervention of the Navy prevented a significant loss of life and property. Had the trawler sunk at the entrance of Delft Jetty, it would have posed significant challenges to the island’s administrative operations and transportation.



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