New drug network operated from Singapore detected!



A daily newspaper has revealed information about a new drug network active in major cities including Colombo.

It is said that this network is being operated from Singapore and a large-scale drug trafficker connected to the underworld and released on bail operates the local network.

It was reported that his son had also been sent to Singapore.

The news further says:

“The anti-narcotics units have received information that this underworld leader is also planning to travel to Singapore. These smugglers pay a commission of Rs.50,000 per person for a daily sale of Rs.1 million worth of ice drugs and heroin in Colombo. The smugglers earn a daily income of about Rs.30 million from this drug network and more than Rs.10 million goes to the smugglers as net profit.

The drug deals are taking place at Kalipullawatte in Dematagoda, Maligawatta Alba Flats and Keselwatta.

Large-scale drug traffickers were mostly concentrated in Dubai and India. Majority of them operated the drug trafficking from these countries and two or three other smugglers were operating from the UK and France. This is the first time that this type of trafficking has been detected in Singapore.”

Source – Aruna


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