Dec 07, 2018

Sri Lanka ranked second in Global Climate Risk Index

Sri Lanka had been ranked second among the countries most affected by extreme weather events during the past 20 years.

The Global Climate Risk Index 2019, was released at the annual climate summit in Poland's Katowice city, while the country most affected by extreme weather is Puerto Rico. The report was prepared to analyse damages caused by the extreme weather events that took place from 1998 to 2017.

Sri Lanka is ranked second and the Dominica is ranked third while Nepal is ranked fifth.

The Global Climate Risk Index evaluates the impacts of cyclones, floods, heat waves and other extreme climatic conditions and its impact on each of the countries.

It further states that in May last year, heavy landslides and floods occurred in Sri Lanka and more than 200 people died. Of the 12 districts that were affected, the Ratnapura district was the worst affected.

From the first ten countries listed in the Global Climate Risk Index, eight countries, including Sri Lanka are lower middle income countries.

According to the report at the World Climate Summit, from 1998-2017, there have been 11,500 disasters reported world-wide while 26,000 had been killed due to these disasters.

Meanwhile, due to the low pressure zone in the Bay of Bengal area, rains of upto 100 mm could be experienced in the Sabaragamuwa, Kalutara, Galle and Matara districts, according to the Meteorological Department.