Dec 26, 2018

Gamini Viyangoda seeks legal redress

Puravesi Balaya Co-convener Gamini Viyangoda has said he would seek legal redress against several persons, who had uttered defamatory statements against him.

These persons include SLPP MP Kanchana Wijesekara, Ven. Iththekande Saddhatissa Thera and Ven. Magalkande Sudantha Thera.

Mr. Viyangoda's lawyer had sent them Letters of Demand over their claims that Mr. Viyangoda had obtained sponsorships from Selacine and Litro Gas, during the days of the Good Governance government.

LoDs have been sent to the ‘Sathi Aga Aruna’ publication over a feature article making the same claims, and to the writer of the article as well.

Rejecting these claims as 'baseless and malicious, Mr. Viyangoda has sought Rs. 500 million as compensation for the defamatory statements made against him.