Jun 03, 2020

Nobody can drive me away that easily - Rosie (Video) Featured

Mayor of Colombo - Rosie Senanayake says that no one can drive her away from the UNP that easily.

Upon being asked by journalists whether is a conspiracy to oust her from the UNP, she replied:

"There has always been a conspiracy to remove me from the party and positions I hold, if it was possible. But nobody can remove me from the party that easily... The party leadership never had such an intention and neither has the party come to such a decision," she said.

She added that although some who joined the party recently really wanted to remove prominent figures of the party, it was not possible to do that to her that easily and she has and always be a lady UNPer.

Mrs. Senanayake also refuted claims citing that she had lost her position as Colombo Mayor.

When questioned about her absence at a meeting of UNP provincial councillors from Colombo, Mrs. Senanayake told she was tasked to make preparations for the meeting. However, she was unable to attend herself since president Gotabaya Rajapaksa had called for a special meeting with mayors, chairpersons and officials on the impending threat of Dengue fever.