Jul 02, 2020

Roads closed as 143 in Jinthupitiya to be quarantined (Pics) Featured

One hundred and forty three persons of 29 families living in the Jinthupitiya area of Col. 13 are to be directed to a quarantine centre, an area PHI has said.

Jinthupitiya 001Jinthupitiya 002Jinthupitiya 003Measures are taken together with the Army to quarantine these people who are residents of the 123 Wattha, where a Covid-19 patient was detected earlier in the night.

The PHI had further said that the person who had tested positive for Covid-19 was at his house with 10 other members of his family.

Meanwhile, reports and photos emerging on social media state that roads leading to Jinthupitiya have been temporarily closed.

(Source : Neth News)

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Jinthupitiya Covid-19 patient, not a case of community transmission

Director-General of Health Services Dr. Anil Jasinghe has said that the Covid-19 case reported from Jinthupitiya, Col. 13, earlier tonight (02) evening is not a case of community transmission.

A media release by the Government Information Department has quoted Dr. Jasinghe as saying that the patient was detected during the mandatory quarantine process.

It added that the patient is a Sri Lankan seafarer who returned from India and had tested negative during the PCR test conducted at the end of that 14-day mandatory quarantine period following his return.

However, another PCR test was conducted while he underwent a 14-days of quarantine at his residence in Jinthupitiya, Colombo 13 and it was during this period he had tested positive for Covid-19.

Therefore, this is not a case of community transmission, Dr. Jasinghe has assured.

The media release also notes that authorities have taken all necessary measures.

Meanwhile, 12 cases of Covid-19 have been detected so far today, bringing the total number of cases detected so far in the country to 2066.

According to the situation report of the Epidemiology Unit issued at 8.00pm today (July 02), there are 228 patients under medical care, 1827 recoveries and 11 fatalities at the moment.
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