Feb 21, 2017

Power for street lamps to be limited?

Power and Renewable Energy Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya has requested that electricity supply to street lamps is reduced by one hour, to save power.

“If we can save 50 MW by switching off the one million street lamps half an hour earlier in the morning and switching them on half an hour later in the evening, it is a great achievement”, the Minister said.

The Minister said that if current drought conditions continue, power generation in the country would be directly affected.

He said that if power generation is given priority Sri Lanka would be able to generate power till May 31 – ‘but since drinking requirement should be given priority, power generation will stop by April 21- 22.’

But, plans are underway to provide uninterrupted electricity the Minister said, adding that the cost for the project would be borne by the Treasury.