Oct 29, 2020

China responds to Pompeo's “predator” remark

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday slammed China for operating as a “predator” in Sri Lanka, while the U.S. came as a “friend”.

His remarks came during his visit to Colombo which concluded today (28).

“We see from bad deals, violations of sovereignty and lawlessness on land and sea that the Chinese Communist Party is a predator, and the United States comes in a different way, we come as a friend, and as a partner,” Mr. Pompeo told a media conference in Colombo.

The Chinese embassy in Colombo had soon responded to Mr. Pompeo's remark.

“Sorry Mr. Secretary @SecPompeo, we’re busy promoting #China-#SriLanka friendship and cooperation, not interested in your #AlienVsPredator game invitation. The US can play two roles at the same time as always,” the Embassy said in its Twitter handle.

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Earlier, during a discussion between Mr. Pompeo and Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the latter had stressed that he is not ready to compromise the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation in maintaining foreign relations whatever the circumstances may be.

Noting that China assisted in the development of the country’s infrastructure since the end of the separatist war, the President reiterated that Sri Lanka not caught in a debt trap as a result.

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