Apr 17, 2021

Amid tension, PM to arrive in Colombo hastily

Ven. Muruttetuwe Ananda thera has reportedly informed Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa that president Gotabaya Rajapaksa had blamed the thera during a telephone conversation.

Sources say Ven, Ananda Thera has explained the incident to Premier Rajapaksa in a telephone call yesterday.

At the time, the premier was staying at his Carlton Residence in Tangalle.

When told about the incident, Premier Rajapaksa has requested the thera not to be panicked about it and that he would come to Colombo on Saturday and would come to the Abhayaramaya Temple to meet the thera.Ven. Muruttetuwe Ananda thera told a press briefing on Friday he the Buddhist monks do not hesitate to stand against if anyone tries to misuse the power against democracy.

The thera also said the Buddhist monks would raise their voice against anyone who attempts deliberately to amend the country's laws."Attempts are made to silence us., But, these monks who hails from the Kudapola, Wariyapola and Gunananda thero generations will not bow down to any threats,"