May 17, 2021

GMOA & chief epidemiologist battle intensifies Featured

GMOA demands a probe on him

The on-going battle between the GMOA and epidemiology chief escalated over the weekend with the doctors' union saying Dr. Sudath Samaraweera should accept the responsibility for the current pathetic situation evolving in the country.

The GMOA says Dr. Samaraweera did not share accurate data with the authorities and other health experts and as a result, a pathetic situation has erupted in the country and it seems the country is losing it's grip over the COVID-19.

Had he(Dr. Samaraweera) shared the accurate date with the health officials and the intelligence officials before the Sinhala new year, the country would have been able to avert a third wave of the virus, said GMOA's secretary Dr. Shenal Fernando.

Therefore, he should accept the total responsibility for the present situation and an inquiry should be conducted into his conduct, Dr. Fernando added.

(Source Mawbima)