Mar 25, 2017

Mahinda brings Chinese Princess to Wijerama residence Featured

The visit of a Chinese lady to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Official Residence at Wijerama last Monday had created much hype lately.

This special guest is a Princess of the Fujian province,  Xu-Shi Yin, who had visited Sri Lanka on a special invitation by the former President.

Connected to the Kotte kingdom

It is believed that she is related to King Parakramabahu the 6th who ruled the Kotte kingdom.

King Parakramabahu’s son had visited China as an emissary but fell in love with the mountains and waters of Quanzhou and resolved to stay.

While Princess Xu-Shi Yin is a descendent of that blood line, she is of the 12th generation of descendants.

The Chinese Princess had inquired from the former President if he was keeping well. However, Rajapaksa had responded “what freedom and happiness, I have lost the freedom I had.”

“Why is that?” the princess had asked.

“The people of this country have to pay for the wrong committed by the government. People are surviving with the greatest difficulty. The country too is facing great danger. When the country and my people are in jeopardy, how can I live freely?” Rajapaksa had responded.