Oct 13, 2021

State minister trying to open 5 more liquor stores in Anuradhapura! Featured

A State minister is currently trying to get approval to open 5 new liquor stores in and around the town of Anuradhapura, reports say.
It is said that liquor permits are to be given to two persons who had been with his family for some time. They are known as 'Chandi Malli' and 'Wine Upali' alias Vangedi Banda's' son.
These two already have liquor stores not only in Anuradhapura but also in the areas of Rambewa and Horowpathana as well, reports say.
Upon learning of plans to open more liquor stores, several prominent Buddhist monks in the region had warned senior ministers representing the area. They had warned to all boycott events of Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) MPs even if a single additional liquor shop is opened in the area.
Residents of the area allege that in addition to running liquor stores under others' names, the aforementioned State minister is also running an illegal water bottling factory through the same men. He is also said to be involved in several other fraudulent businesses, including illegal soil mining and quarrying.
It is said that he is building a massive house in Colombo.
An uncle of the relevant State minister is a former member of the Western Provincial Council and recently, the State minister's illegal activities had been a topic of discussion among several SLPP MPs.