Apr 01, 2017

2 arrested over Samayan murder

Police had raided a safe house belonging to an underworld leader of the South, Makadure Madush, the main suspect in the murder of underworld kingpin Samayan and seven others, and arrested two underworld figures.

The Peliyagoda Crimes Division had conducted the raid and arrested the two suspects, including notorious underworld figure Mirisse Priyantha.

During the raid the boots and uniforms worn by Angoda Lokka and the ten underworld members during the attack were recovered by the Peliyagoda Crimes Division during the raid.

The safe house was rented for a monthly rental of Rs. 12,000 by Mirisse Priyantha. It was also revealed that he had destroyed all the uniforms worn by the killers by burning them.

One of the two masterminds arrested

However, upon interrogation of Priyantha, police were able to recover parts of the prison uniforms worn during the attack.

The other suspect arrested is an underworld leader of the South, Devundara Madush. Police investigations revealed that he was one of the masterminds in the attack.

According to police, Mirisse Priyantha is a close disciple of Devundara Madush.

Through the investigations on the stolen van used in the attack police were able to track down and arrest Mirisse Priyantha.

The colour of the van had been changed after it was stolen. However, although Makadure Madush had issues orders to set fire to the van after the attack, investigations revealed that the attackers had failed to carry out the order.

During the investigations, those involved in stealing the van, including Embilipitiye Podi, Chalie and an ousted STF constable were also arrested.

Mirisse Priyantha who was arrested had been involved in large scale burglary and illegal weapons trade together with underworld leader Madush.

The operation was carried out under the guidance of Western Province Senior DIG Nandana Munasinghe, DIG Kapila Jayasekara and ASP M. Samudrajeewa, by a team led by CI Jayantha Dahanaka including Constables (15343) Sujeewa, (36968) Wijesinghe, (70133) Chaminda and (48949) Nandana.