Jan 29, 2022

Country’s gas prices have increased by 85%!

Gas prices have increased by 85% in January this year compared to January 2021.

Also, food prices have increased by 20% compared to the Colombo Consumer Price Index.

This was revealed in a recent survey conducted by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in a number of countries under severe pressure due to the increase in food and essential commodity prices.

The BBC reports that a number of countries, including African countries, Turkey, Brazil and Sri Lanka, which are experiencing high commodity prices, were surveyed.

The report says that the high prices and shortage of rice, wheat flour and milk powder in Sri Lanka have already affected the people due to a number of factors including the collapse of the tourism industry due to the Covid-19 epidemic. As a result, the Sri Lankan government recently offered a $ 1 billion relief package to curb rising public discontent, the BBC reports.