Apr 14, 2017

Residents protest as Fowzie visits Meethotamulla Featured

Around 40 homes were damaged after a part of the garbage dump in Meethotamulla collapsed earlier today (14).

Operations have been initiated to rescue those trapped and seven persons who were injured have been rushed to the Colombo National Hospital.

In addition to the tri forces, the STF and a SLAF helicopter have also been deployed.

Power cut
Meanwhile, the ministry of Power states that electricity in the Meethotamulla area has been disconnected to minimise further hazards in the stricken area and generators are being used instead.

The government also urges public to refrain from thronging to the stricken area to see the disaster.

Public protests
Meanwhile, residents have protested against a group which included minister A.H.M. Fowzie, when they had visited the stricken area.