Apr 22, 2017

Sri Lanka - Bangladesh NBFIs to establish links soon

Sri Lanka and Bangladesh Non Banking Financial Institutions (NBIFs) are to share knowledge on financial best practices in their respective countries.

A high powered Bangladesh delegation of Leasing and Finance sector will arrive in the island on Tuesday the 25TH. on a three day study tour with the aim of establishing links with their Sri Lankan counterparts.      

Three Day study tour of the representatives of The Leasing & Finance Companies Association of Bangladesh and Officials of the Bangladesh Bank(i.e. Central Bank of Bangladesh) will be from 25th April 2017 to 28th April 2017.

A 25 member delegation of Chairmen, Directors, CEOs and officials of Bangladesh Bank  will be in Sri Lanka on this  study tour. The initiative in this regard was taken by the Leasing Association of Sri Lanka under the leadership of Mr. Ananda Seneviratne, Chairman of  Leasing Association of Sri Lanka.

The Finance Houses Association of Sri Lanka (FHASL) and The Leasing Association of Sri Lanka have come forward with a joint program that will benefit Sri Lankan NBFIs and Bangladesh NBFIs at the conclusion of this event. Further, the Sri Lankan Associations and member companies will strengthen their ties with Bangladesh counterparts in the future for the benefit of the industry.

There will be a full day program on Wednesday,26th April 2017 at Hotel Galadari ,on the theme “Sharing Best Practices with the Financial Institutions of Sri Lanka”. The Bangladesh delegation will visit a number of NBFIs on 27th April as part of this event.