Apr 15, 2022

Saheli apologizes for singing “Ayubo Wewa” Featured

Singer Saheli Gamagehas sought forgiveness from the people of this country for having sung the song “Ayobo Wewa Maharajanani” and if it has in some way, contributed to the current predicament the country is in.

She has said that this song was sung by her to suit a particular time, but she regrets having sung it. 

Lyricist seeks forgiveness too

Meanwhile, lyricist Sunil Gamage has also sought forgiveness from the nation for having penned the song “Ayubowewa Maharajanani”. Addressing the protest gathering at Galle Face Green, he said he hopes the public would forgive him for having written that song.  

The post by Saheli on social media is as follows;

I feel this is the opportune moment to state some facts that you were all unaware of regarding the song “Ayubo wewa”. I contributed my voice to this song with the noble intention of highlighting the peoples’ heartbeat after ending the 30-year war that affected them. My parents and I contributed to this song at our own expense, without any political interference, with the purest of intentions.

 As a result of this song, the criticism and insults I had to endure is limitless. Even today it is the same. Although I love my country immensely, I have not been able to fulfill my duties as a singer and a doctor to my country and have to live overseas, due to this song. This brings be great pain even now.

Although I have done other songs such as “Sathya Obai” (You are the truth) in recognition of the valiant soldiers, ironically, “Ayubo Wewa” outshone my other songs and gained popularity in an unexpected manner branding me as a political stooge.

However, all monies earned through these songs through  Mobitel and Dialog ‘RingIN Tone’ were donated to the disabled war heroes and for the Abhimansala war heroes project and the welfare of cancer patients, which is my only consolation.

If the song that I sanghas contributed in any way towards the current predicament the country is facing today, I humbly seek forgiveness from everyone for it. This is just asong, but I have immense regret for having sung it. Although I live overseas, I am with you all and your brave struggle, wholeheartedly.

I will join any struggle for my country at any given time. May my motherlandshine! Good luck to you all! I wish you all a prosperous New Year and may all your hopes and dreams come true!  -Saheli Gamage