Jun 24, 2022

Digital IDs for all Lankans below 15 years as well!

The Department of Registration of Persons is preparing to issue a digital identity card for all Sri Lankan citizens below 15 years of age, reports say.
Commissioner General of the Department of Registration of Persons - Viani Goonetileke has told the media that general biometric data such as fingerprints and blood type will be added to the digital ID.
He further stated that steps will be taken to issue this new identity card to nearly 17 million people across the country within a period of 1 1/2 years.
He has revealed that the new identity card will be issued under an Indian aid scheme and the work to develop the software system has already begun.

Experts in the field point out that the conditions under which this grant is secured pose a serious threat of 16.5 million Sri Lankan citizens' primary and biometric data falling into the hands of another country.

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