Jun 26, 2022

Unions say power cut duration could increase next week

The Joint Trade Union Alliance says the duration of power cuts could increase from next week amidst the severe fuel shortage.

Speaking to the media, Secretary of the Alliance Ananda Palitha said that power plants under the purview of the Ceylon Electricity Board have not received the required volumes of fuel.

He recalled a statement by Subject Minister Kanchana Wijesekera, over the inability of the government to reveal a date for the arrival of the next fuel shipment.

Ananda Palitha commented that a shipment of Petroleum and Diesel, that was promised by authorities have not arrived on the due date.

He noted that people will be unable to obtain petrol, diesel or kerosene in future, due to the fuel shortage which has also caused the oil refinery to close on Friday.

The Union Leader blamed the country’s leaders for their inability to bring the country out of a recession.