Jun 29, 2022

PM's office clarifies Sagala's statement of fuel shipments

The Prime minister's office has clarified a statement made by the advisor to the Prime Minister - Sagala Ratnayake.

During a meeting between the PM and news directors of national newspapers and television stations this afternoon (29), Mr. Ratnayake had briefed them about the current status of the fuel situation in the country. 

He had stated that a confirmed petrol shipment was due on the 22nd of July. The Government was also attempting to secure fuel shipments at an early date, however, he explained until those were confirmed the details would not be released.

However, the PM's office clarified that Mr. Ratnayake did not state that the CPC could not secure fuel prior to July 22nd and efforts were being made to secure further shipments at an earlier date. Details would only be released once shipments are confirmed.

PM Office Meeting 1 22 06 29

PM Office Meeting 2 22 06 29