Jul 01, 2022

FR against Army intervention at Galle protest

A Fundamental Rights Petition has been submitted to the Supreme Court over peaceful protestors at the Galle Fort being intervened by the military.

The FR is seeking a ruling that basic human rights have been violated by the army officers who stormed the peaceful protestors at the Galle Fort during the Test match between Sri Lanka and Australia, and forcibly removed the protest placards.

The FR application was filed by two lawyers Amaradiwakara Liyanarachi and G. H. Ajith Kumara.

The Commanding Officer of Galle Fort Army Camp, the Army Commander, the Inspector General of Police, Galle Police Headquarters IP, the Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of Galle District, the Inspector General of Police, Public Security Minister Tiran Alas and the Secretary of the Ministry, the Attorney General have been named as respondents in the case.

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