Jun 03, 2017

Mangala suspends new appointments, purchases and tenders!

Finance and Media Minister Mangala Samaraweera had said that until further notice, new appointments, purchases and tenders will be suspended.

The Minister had issued this order after it was reported about the intention of the State Printing Corporation Chairman yesterday to recruit 35 employees and several other incidents.

Further Sri Lanka Mirror reliably learns that the Minister had also received information on plans to purchase stamp printing paper required for several years.

Meanwhile, the Finance and Media Deputy Minister had called the State Printing Corporation Chairman and notified him that despite the fact that staff was required to the corporation, he should not act in this manner.

State Media Organisations calls for the resignation of heads!

Meanwhile, Minister had met with media heads at his ministry yesterday and requested them to tender their resignations.

He had informed them not to worry about them not being reappointed in their positions and it was customary for them to resign when a new minister takes over duties.

According to this tradition, as soon as the new Minister was appointed the Chairman and director board of ITN had tendered their resignation.

In addition, Lake House and Rupavahini Corporation director board too have tendered in their letters of resignation, while the Film Corporation director board is also expected to meet tomorrow (04) and tender their resignations as well.

However, Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, State Printing Corporation, Ranminitenna Cinema Village director boards have yet not tendered in their resignations, it is reported.