Jun 22, 2017

Bangladesh youth in hot water over rape of SL medical student

The Bangladeshi youth who was accused of raping a Sri Lankan girl, who is an MBBS student of the University of Science and Technology Chittagong (USTC), last Sunday has been remanded, according to foreign media.

The 26-year-old youth who was remanded is a sales executive.

He had been arrested on a statement made by the victim that she had been raped by the youth in a hotel room in Chittagong.

It is reported that the suspect who was arrested on June 11, had struck a friendship with the Sri lankan students and had been in phone contact with her and the victim is said to have gone to the hotel according to his invitation.

In her statement to police, the medical student had said that the hotel is located close to her hostel and the Bangladeshi youth had raped her there.