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Jul 04, 2017

President asks Ranil for police, FCID for three months

President Maithripala Sirisena at the Cabinet meeting today, had charged that the investigations into the corruption committed during the Rajapaksa regime were not been carried out satisfactorily.

The President had leveled these allegations during the discussion held to discuss whether the Anti Corruption Secretariat which ended its term on June 30, should continue to function.

When the President had inquired as to who was responsible for the committee, even the Prime Minister had said he too had no right to it.

The President had then said over the past one and half years the corruption committee had failed to arrest the Rajapaksa super thieves, but had only targeted those 76 politicians who had escaped from the Rajapaksa’s grasp and wanted to assist the SLFP.

Government big wigs that protect the Rajapaksas

The President questioned how people such as Gamini Senarath was still escaping from the law and pointed out that the Attorney General’s Department, Police and FCID was under pressure from the higher political authorities.

He said if required, he could bring them openly and inquire from them.

The President then had said that the AG’s Department, Police and FCID were currently under the UNP and wanted these three departments to be given over to him for three months and he would bring the Rajapaksa criminals to book.

The Anti Corruption Commission was established in January 2016 to investigate crimes and corruption of the previous regime.

The Anti Corruption Commission was set up for one year and its term was extended in January 2017 for a further six months, which also ended on June 30.

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