Nov 10, 2016

A budget with a progress – SLFP

When compared with the budget presented last year, the budget for 2017 has made some progress, says SLFP spokesman, minister Dilan Perera.

Commenting to the media about the budget, he said the SLFP had to introduce more than 20 amendments as the party’s contributions were not sought in the budget’s preparation previously.

This time, the SLFP’s proposals were handed over to minister Ravi Karunanayake, who also discussed the budget with the party several times, ensuring the inclusion of its proposals relating to education, agriculture, fisheries etc, said Perera.

In view of the local and global issues, the SLFP could cooperate with the budget this time, he said.

Meanwhile, UPFA general secretary, minister Mahinda Amaraweera said budget 2017 was one without any curtailments.

Funds have been allocated equally for education, health, fisheries and all other sectors, he said.