Nov 12, 2016

Duminda Silva critical: recommended transfer to J’pure hospital

R. Duminda Silva who is on death row and currently receiving treatment at the Prison hospital is said to be in critical condition and have been recommended by prison medical authorities to be transferred immediately to the Jayawardanapura hospital for medical treatment.

According to a senior Prison Official Silva who had received injuries to his brain during the Mulleriawa clash, is currently in critical condition due to the side effects of the injury. The prison medical staff have recommended immediate medical attention for Silva, without which his life could be in danger.

The official said as all arrangements were bring made to transfer Silva to the J’pura hospital, as the senior medial consultant was not available, it had to be postponed.

When Silva had sustained injuries at the Mulleriyawa clash, he had been treated at the J’pura hospital. Hence as the hospital records pertaining to his medical history are at this hospital, the medical staff at the Prison hospital had recommended his transfer to that hospital.