Nov 12, 2016

J’pura refuses to accept Duminda Silva

(UPDATE) -Former MP Duminda Silva who was given the death sentence cannot be treated at the Sri Jayawardena hospital, said its Chairman Dr. Athula Kahandaliyanage, prison sources revealed.

Although Silva had been taken to the J’pura hospital last night in serious condition and the hospital’s refusal to accept him, Silva was taken back to the Prison hospital.

According to information received, the reason the hospital had refused to accept Silva was that the Specialist doctor who had treated him earlier, Maheshi Wijeratne was out of the island.

However the Prison hospital is said to have informed Dr. Wijeratne about the condition of her patient Duminda Silva, upon her arrival today.

Plans to send Silva overseas!

Meanwhile some web sites and social network sites reported that plans are afoot to fly Duminda Silva overseas for treatment.

However, when Sri Lanka Mirror contacted the Prison officials to clarify this news, a senior Prison Officer said that there was no truth in these stories.

The Prison official also said the specialists who treated Silva at the Mount Elizabeth hospital in Singapore had also sent a special report regarding his condition.

He further said that according to that report too if proper treatment is not given, Silva’s life could be in danger.