Sep 04, 2017

Govt. criticized over Fonseka’s remark Featured

Opposition activist Gevindu Kumaratunga has alleged the executive has betrayed the war heroes when cabinet minister Sarath Fonseka expressed readiness to give evidence against former Army chief Jagath Jayasuriya.

Speaking to the media today (04), Kumaratunga said a statement by a person holding powers of the executive would amount to the government standpoint.

President’s counsel Manohara de Silva said the war heroes were at a disadvantage due to the agreement for an international court on the UNHRC recommendations.

He urged the opposition to mediate and influence in this matter.

Meanwhile, Fonseka told a reception at Kiribathgoda town today that every politician should take responsibility for all the remarks he or she made.

The event was organized by his supporters in protest against a demonstration over Fonseka’s remarks against Jayasuriya.

He noted that punishment should be given for wrongdoing even if the wrongdoer wore a uniform.

At the protest against Fonseka, an effigy of the minister was caned and set on fire in the middle of Kiribathgoda town.