Nov 03, 2017

Dehiwala zoo welcomes Chandani!

A zebra couple at the Dehiwala zoo gave birth to a female foal on Wednesday (01), according to Directress Anoma Priyadharshini.

The zebra foal was up on its feet seconds after its birth and is now running around with its mother.

The Directress of the zoo said currently there are four female zebra foals and two males.

The mother zebra who gave birth is Sarani while the foal has been named Chandani.


A group of researchers of the London and Queensland Universities have conducted research in 2013 and proved that one of the more plausible arguments to explain the stripes has been that they "dazzle" predators causing them to have difficulty focusing.

Using computer models, researchers confirmed the markings create optical illusions when the animals move.

They suggest this confusion helps to protect the animals from both big cats and tiny insects.