Nov 13, 2017

Shipping agents warn to topple govt.

If the proposal made by the budget to make the Naval sector open making it the most free economy in the South Asian region, is implemented, the Shipping agents who have been monopolising the shipping sector have warned that they would topple the government. 

In keeping with the ‘Vision 2025’ plan to make Sri Lanka a shipping hub of the Indian Ocean region and developing the transit capability and maintaining competitiveness, the capacities of the ports of Colombo, Hambantota, and Trincomalee are proposed to be developed through the budget 2018. 

Two of the dominant shipping companies that have been monopolising the shipping industry had got excited by the proposals of the government and have met with the Ports and Shipping Minister and expressed their displeasure over the Finance Minister’s budget proposals. 

Rajapaksa’s black money?
Even the President has had reasonable doubt whether the Rajapaksa clan had invested money through the Casino operators who are controlling the agent shipping companies.
This doubt is further enforced by the fact that the Rajapaksa clan have instructed their followers to create a broad public debate against the Finance Minister’s budget proposal to fully liberalise the shipping sector.