Nov 18, 2017

Police protection deployed in Galle

Police protection has been deployed to the Galle, Gingtota area, according to Galle Police Headquarters.

The reason being a clash between two Sinhala and Muslim groups over a ball on Thursday Night (16) around 7.00 PM, eventually resulting in a house being damaged.

The issue between the two parties had escalated into a violent clash while one of the houses had been completely destroyed and the Police Anti-Riot Squad had to be deployed to bring the situation under control.

Two Muslims and One Sinhala person were injured in the clash and admitted to the Galle, Karapitiya hospital.

Three persons were arrested with regard to the clash and produced before the Galle Magistrate yesterday (17).

Further the police, religious leaders and civil security personnel had met at the Galle district Secretariat and discussed the matter.

However, while the religious leaders had insisted that those responsible for the clash should be punished, the discussion had ended without reaching a solution, it is reported.

Therefore, police protection had been deployed in the area.