Nov 18, 2017

Gingtota calm! – Police curfew enforced!!

The situation in Gingtota is now calm, but in order to maintain peace, police curfew has been enforced.

Police curfew was enforced until 9.00 this morning (18) in several areas including Gingtota, Kurunduwatte, Maha Hapugala, Welipitimodara, Ukwatte and Piyadigama GS divisions.

The reason for the unrest had been an accident involving two Sinhala youths who had knocked down a  Muslim woman.

Subsequently a group of Muslims had harassed these two Sinhala youth. However, the situation had subsided until a group of Sinhala youths had assaulted two Muslim youths who had come to participate in a football tournament.  

The situation had escalated into a riot and the whole area had been tensed.

Unknown outsiders?  

However, according to police, a group of unknown persons had entered the Galle, Gingtota area last night (17) and caused extensive damage to several shops and homes.

The residents claim that the attackers had come with their faces covered and the police said gun shots were also heard.

Therefore, the Police Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekara said the STF and police personnel from other areas were deployed to provide security to the area.

Orders to strictly enforce the law:

Meanwhile, the IGP Pujith Jayasundara had instructed that if required considerable force should be used to control the situation and the law be strictly enforced against those acting violently.

The Police Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekara urged the public to refrain from causing unrest and avoid being provoked by false propaganda being spread. He said those found guilty of spreading rumours would be dealt with severely.

The area is still under police protection while additional STF protection has been deployed in the Gingtota area.

Extremist forces:

The President and Prime Minister have adviced the security forces to be on alert as extremists’ elements would try to use this situation to cause tensions.

Currently certain parties are trying to use this situation to create tensions between the two races, and the government urged the people to act sensibly and not be provoked by such elements.