Nov 22, 2017

Hospital activities disrupted due to strikes?

An all island strike was launched today (22) by the nursing officers and several health service unions based on several demands including the salary anomalies.

In addition to the nursing officers, registered and assistant doctors, and other subsidiary health services officers will also be joining this strike.

According to the President of the Nurses Union Saman Ratnapriya, many health services areas and treatment would be affected by this strike action.

When asked by the media why these protestors demands cannot be met, Health Services Director General Dr. Jayasundara Bandara said some of the issues were discussed yesterday and certain decisions were taken.

He further said, “With regard to the other issues it is the government that should take a decision. The ministry cannot take these decisions. However, if a strike is launched then it is bound to create problems. We cannot cover for 30,000 nursing officers,” he said.

Meanwhile a token strike of four hours was staged at the Hambantota and Anuradhapura hospitals yesterday (21) by the nurses, Supplementary and paramedical service officers demanding a solution to their demands.