Apr 09, 2018

A year since Meetotamulla tragedy : Garbage piling up everywhere

It’s been a year since the Meetotamulla tragedy and those who fought for its removal were also buried under it, but the garbage dump still remains the same, said the national coordinator of the Centre for Environment and Nature Studies Ravindra Kariyawasam.

He said the rulers are desecrating the corpses of those who were buried under the garbage dump, while many who were promised compensation for their losses have also not received what they were promised. Further, the piling of garbage dumps around the country is still taking place undeterred.

He noted that instead of looking for alternatives, the authorities are creating garbage mounds around the country and the situation had reached dire proportions with Sri Lanka stands in fifth place among countries that dump garbage into the sea.  
The Centre for Environment and Nature Studies warns that the same fate as Meetotamulla could happen anywhere else in the country, adding that the rulers of this country have no desire or commitment towards safeguarding the lives of the people.

Kariyawasam further noted, “The garbage is piling up around the country, but the government has not taken any measure to turn this garbage into fertiliser and use this carbonic fertiliser for cultivation even if they have the capability to do so. They are taking bribes even from dumping of garbage and simply cheating the people by fake promises and gradually turning the whole country into a garbage dump.

While the government has the ability to implement the Pilisaru project and put this garbage into good use, they are not doing so. Having paid a meagre compensation for the lives that were lost, the government is trying to sweep the incident under the carpet and escape their responsibility.  They will certainly do the same to other future victims too. Sadly, having the ability to address this issue and take measures to prevent any further tragedy, the politicians of this country are resorting to profiting out of this garbage issue at the cost of the people and the environment.”