Jun 13, 2018

Flu in South spreads to other areas

The Influenza viral fever which spread in the South is currently spreading into other areas and the public are asked to take precautions, warned the Directress of the Epidemiology Unit and Heath Promotion Bureau Community Specialist Dr. Paba Palihawadana.

She said several patients were discovered from the Western Province, Ganmpaha area as well.

She further said, “There are still influenza cases being reported from the South but there has been a reduction of patience being reported from Galle. Currently the disease is being reported from other areas in the country as well. Therefore, people should take precautions and avoid prolonged stays in congested areas. Children need to be specially protected.”

Dr. Palihawadana urged those with symptoms of fever, cough, throat pain and runny nose should obtain treatment from a qualified doctor.

She noted that it was important to include nourishing food items such as eggs, fish, meat, dried fish and grains in your diet if signs of the fever is noticed and plenty of rest should be taken. Small children should be given breast milk and those affected by the virus should also consume plenty of fluids including soups.


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