Jul 02, 2018

Susil to send LoD to NY Times

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa says given what has taken place in Sri Lanka after 2015, he has no doubt that he is now the preferred partner of India.

Responding to a New York Times article, Rajapaksa said that his Government was always sensitive to India's concerns and this had been noted by Former Indian External Affairs Secretary and National Security Advisor Shivshankar Mennon.

The former president has broken his silence over the issue in a statement issued yesterday (01). Click here for full statement.

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Meanwhile, speaking to the 'Lakbima' newspaper, Mr. Rajapaksa has said that measures are being taken to send a Letter of Demand to the New York Times.

'The government is unable to level such allegations through local media as they look into details before reporting. Therefore, the government is using foreign media to sling mud. My name is not mentioned in the false facts reported by the New York Times. However, as the political party which we contested from back then, the UPFA has a responsibility to respond. Therefore, I have instructed the Gen. Secretary of the UPFA, Susil Premajayantha to send a Letter of Demand to the New York Times with regard to the charge that funds of China Harbor company were dispensed for our 2015 election campaign,' he said.