No chance for cheaper canned fish!



The local Canned Fish Manufacturers Association says that although it is possible to reduce canned fish prices by Rs. 300, products already released to the wholesale market at a higher price, has become a hindrance.

At present, a tin of canned fish is sold in the market for around Rs. 900.

Producers say that the price can be reduced to Rs. 600 as fishermen are now able to get the ‘Linna’ fish used for production, after receiving a proper supply of fuel.

Also, the cost of an empty can has also gone down by Rs. 10, they say.

Although canned fish is highly popular in Sri Lanka, skyrocketing prices have drastically reduced consumption levels.

This has led to more stocks remaining in the market and wholesale vendors are reluctant to sell them at a price lower than which they bought the stocks for.


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