No Gas shortage until mid 2024 – Litro Chairman



Litro Gas chairman – Muditha Perera has said that the company has adequate stocks in hand at the moment.

Speaking at a media briefing in Colombo, he said that there will be no shortages or queues until the new year season in 2024 April and orders have been placed for stocks enough to last until mid January 2023.

However, he stated that a shortage was reported recently as some dealers failed to place their orders on time. Apart from such an issue, we distribute stocks. A gas shipment might be delayed due to adverse weather conditions. It will arrive on Sunday dawn. Two more shipments are to follow on Sunday and Monday. We have ordered 28,00 MT of Gas in November. By Monday evening, our dealers will have full stocks, he added.

Speaking on illegal efforts made to paint the yellow gas cylinders of Laugfs to blue coloured Litro cylinders, Mr. Perera said that legal action will be taken in this regard.


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