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No decision on non-approval of doctors’ foreign leave – Minister (Update)



Minister of Health Keheliya Rambukwella has stated that despite certain claims, no decision pertaining to non-approval of foreign leave for doctors has been made yet.

However, the Minister had noted that a discussion is due to be held with the health sector trade unions focusing on how Sri Lanka can retain its doctors, despite the ongoing situation.

Meanwhile, speaking at a press conference this morning (16 Aug), Secretary of the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) Dr. Haritha Aluthge urged that the government take measures to resolve the issues faced by doctors, prior to imposing certain restrictions on them such as the non-approval of foreign leave.


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No leave for specialist doctors to travel overseas

The Health Ministry has decided not to approve leave for doctors in fields with a limited number of specialists, including anaesthesiologists, to go overseas.

Ministry Secretary Janaka Shri Chandragupta said that several areas where there is a severe shortage of doctors in the health service have been identified by now.

If they travel abroad without notifying the ministry, the secretary said that they will be fired followed by necessary further actions.

The number of doctors specialising in certain fields in Sri Lanka is very limited, and the health sector faced several crises as a result of specialist doctors going overseas in recent days.

The Health Secretary said over 600 doctors have gone overseas for specialist training, and 300 of them are due to return this year.

He said the current shortage of experts in some fields will be resolved to some extent once these doctors return.

Meanwhile, the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) recently said that 274 specialist doctors have left the country during the one-year period that ended on May 31.

The GMOA said 842 graded medical officers have also left the country during this period.



Dr. Shelton Premarathne passes away




Legendary Sri Lankan music composer Dr. Shelton Premarathne has passed away today (May 30) at the age of 94.

He had been living with his son in Sydney, Australia, at the time of his demise.

Dr Premaratne has contributed to Sinhala cinema, theatre and classical Sri Lankan music. 

He was the music composer and director in over 30 stage productions, including Henry Jayasena’s popular theatre production Hunuwataye Kathawa (The Caucasian Chalk Circle), and 21 Sinhala films including films such as Daskon, Romeo Juliet Kathawak and Hithaka Pipunu Mal.

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Indian-owned ship held in Colombo after oil spill; travel ban imposed on captain




The Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA) has taken custody of a ship which had caused an oil spill while anchored at the Colombo Port.

A spokesperson of the MEPA stated that legal action has been initiated against the company that owns the ship and the relevant insurance company regarding the oil spill. Under the Marine Environment Protection Authority Act, the MEPA is seeking compensation for the incident, the authority revealed.

The ship, owned by an Indian company, had recently arrived at the Port of Colombo for maintenance activities. A special investigation conducted by MEPA had revealed a leak of hydraulic oil from the ship. The company’s owner has admitted to the incident and agreed to provide compensation, according to the MEPA.

Furthermore, the Colombo Magistrate Court has imposed a travel ban on the captain of the ship preventing him from leaving the country, as per a request made by the Colombo Port Police.

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5 companies fined Rs. 1,243 Mn. for illegal gold imports




State Finance Minister Dr. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya said that five companies have been identified for illegally importing gold into Sri Lanka during the past few years, and fines of Rs.1,243 million have been imposed on those companies.

The Minister said that one of the related companies was ordered to pay Rs.179 million as fines.

Emphasising that from now on, all licensed institutions carrying out import of gold goods should avoid these illegal acts, the Minister said that the relevant institutions will also be charged fines for the gold purchased by even third parties considering the production reports.

He said the efforts to stabilise the state revenue of the country are currently being carried out by closing all the loopholes related to the loss of state revenue gradually.

Certain parties who import gold goods have turned this into a big racket and therefore there is a mafia around it.There were various challenges and threats when the government tried to curb this mafia initially.

The Minister further said that there were various levels of threats, pressure and intimidation, and the government did not waver in the face of all these challenges and moved to the second step.


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