No major income from exporting cannabis: ADIC



There is no truth in the reports that large economic benefits can be generated from exporting cannabis, the Alcohol and Drug Information Centre (ADIC) said.

It said that various efforts are being made to legalize the use of cannabis in Sri Lanka and a committee has been appointed to investigate the feasibility of exporting cannabis.

The minister in charge of the subject had recently announced that permission would be given in this regard as a special project under the Board of Investment (BOI).

However, the ADIC said the audit records of the cannabis companies had revealed that there is no truth in the claims that there are economic benefits from exporting cannabis.

It expressed these views by issuing a statement in view of the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, or World Drug Day, today.

They pointed out that parties with vested interests hope to promote cannabis in the guise of the economic crisis.

The Centre noted that the current positive ideologies of cannabis will help increase its popularity.

The ADIC further said the use of other drugs would also increase when harmful drugs such as cannabis are popularized.

It said that about 100 people die daily due to smoking and alcohol use and that tobacco and alcohol companies earn about Rs.1,000 million from Sri Lankans.


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