No pension paid for group of retired Samurdhi officers!



The Committee on Public Accounts (COPA) drew attention to the non-payment of pensions on behalf of a group of retired officers of the Sri Lanka Samurdhi Authority.

This was discussed when the Committee on Public Accounts Chaired by State Minister Hon. Lasantha Alagiyawanna met in Parliament recently (09) to discuss the current status of the directives issued by the Ministry of Women, Child Affairs and Social Empowerment, and the Department of Samurdhi Development on 26.05.2023. 

When the COPA met on 26.05.2023, there was a long discussion regarding the non-payment of pension for a group of officers entitled to pension from the date of appointment of the Sri Lanka Samurdhi Authority and the recommendation given on the said date was examined. However, the Members of Parliament who were present pointed out that it is observed that there has not been enough resolution regarding those recommendations. The Members of Parliament also pointed out that the administrative issues of the Department of Samurdhi Development are being observed.

Furthermore, COPA also questioned the non-implementation of the decision given by the court regarding the payment of pension. Thus, when the Secretary to the Ministry of Public Administration asked the Attorney General in this regard, the officials present said that the Attorney General had given instructions to implement the court order.

The COPA Chair said that the matter can be dealt with according to the instructions of the Attorney General. Accordingly, he discussed with the Minister in charge in this regard, and recommended that the reply be sent to COPA before September 01, 2023.Furthermore, regarding the issue related to the approved number of employees in this department, the COPA Chair has instructed the Department of Management Services to send a decision to the Ministry Secretary before the 16th of this month.

Furthermore, COPA also advised the officers present to focus on the performance of the tasks assigned to Samurdhi officers and to give specific work targets. Also, the COPA Chair instructed the officers present to give targets for Samurdhi officers at the regional and local levels and prepare a plan to monitor and evaluate the performance of the work on a timely basis.

Furthermore, there was a discussion on how to jointly implement Aswasuma program and Samurdhi program. It was mentioned that subsidy for low-income earners will be done through Aswasuma program and empowerment of these low-income earners will be done through Samurdhi program. As a result, COPA pointed out the need for both these programs to be implemented jointly.

Apart from this, the role of Samurdhi Banks and considering the possibility of disbursement of insurance subsidy through Samurdhi Banks was also discussed.


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