No retirement parties for public-sector officials



The Treasury has banned the conduct of parties and functions at state expenses to mark the retirement of public sector officials.

The move came after reports that some of the senior public sector employees including secretaries and heads of state-owned enterprises were planning to have functions, some of them at five-star hotels to mark their retirement at state expenses. 

Some of the functions are being organised in halls or workplaces with catering services providing the food. Arrangements also have been made to provide them with gift vouchers and expensive gifts such as television sets and electrical equipment using state money, a senior Treasury official said.

Some 18,000 public-sector employees are set to retire by the end of the year due to a government decision to revise the retirement age of public-sector employees to 60 years from 65 years.

Treasury Secretary Mahinda Siriwardena issued a circular on Friday, spelling out guidelines restricting the use of state money for opening ceremonies, functions for officials assuming duties, get-togethers and similar events.

The circular has been issued to ministry secretaries, chief secretaries of provincial councils, heads of departments, district secretaries, heads of state-owned enterprises and heads of state-run banks.

They have been advised to ensure that funds are not misused as they are responsible for the funds of the respective institutions.

The circular has noted that despite previous circulars regarding the suspension of the use of state money for non-important events, there were instances that the circulars were being violated.

“The restrictions have been issued in view of the current financial situation and unnecessary expenses would be an additional burden on the Treasury,” the official said.

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